Custom wood storm windows are hand fabricated for old buildings.  These can be made in the old style with the glass glazed in place and the unit hanging from the top or our updated version.  We can also custom fabricate for arch top windows, or as shown below, eyebrow windows.

Storm Windows

Authentic old glass is available dating to 1700's in various sizes.

Glass Replacement

Window Restoration

Older or Historic Residences  (in addition to above)

Screen and storm panels exchanged for spring and fall.


​​​Newer Homes

Broken balances, operators and parts replaced.  Anderson, Peachtree, Marvin.

Windowsills repaired, caulking, weather-stripping.

Glass replacement.


Window Repair

​​​​CLEARFIX Mobile LLC  

Screen & Window Repair & Restoration


Custom Gothic Style wood storm windows hand-fabricated for a Historic Residential Property located in Doylestown Borough, circa 1887.  The beauty of the original stained glass sashes is not obscured by the storm units.

We also offer wood frame storm window units with interchangable storm and screen panels. This offers the convenience of changing the panels from the interior without the modern look of new triple-track storm units.  These units provide protection for the original sashes while increasing energy efficiency.

Broken sash cords replaced with copper-dipped steel sash chain.

Broken balances and operators replaced.

Window weights available if missing.

Windowsills repaired, caulking, weather-stripping.

​Re-building of rotted sashes.

Window Repair

Window and door screens re-screened.

Missing screens custom fabricated.

Screen porches re-screened with a system that is easy for the homeowner to maintain.

Patio sliding doors re-screened or custom made if missing or bent.

Screen Repair

Installed storm window with double-strength glass glazed in place.  Notice the single mutton on the storm panel, which allows the beauty of the window behind it to be seen.  

State Street, Doylestown, circa 1833.

​​​Window and door screens re-screened, aluminum or wood frames.

​Fabrication of aluminum or wood screens.

Screen Repair

Basic re-glazing to full window restoration to preserve your historic windows.

Re-building of sashes, corners, muntins or fabrication of missing or rotted members.

Fabrication of a new wood sash or sashes if completely missing.